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The F.T.W.

The F.T.W. is a new birth for bassist Mike Dolan, already established in the rock community for his decade long tenure as cofounder of The Turbo A.C.'s – a world-traveled punk outfit sharing the stage with Turbonegro, The Dwarves and The Hellacopters. During downtime in-between tours, Mike would jam covers from his favorite hard rock and metal bands with underground axe hero The Major Nelson. Mike decided to pursue his passion for the hard and heavy and launched the F.T.W. With a Marshall super bass cranked to 11 and The Major Nelson's bluesy, thrashing leads and riffs, they began writing NWOBHM/Stoner-inspired rock and roll, using Motörhead, Sabbath and Lizzy as their inspiration. Rounding out the power trio is Dog Patch Wino member, drummer JJ Meraz (veteran of HotRod Shopping Cart and Mark Curry's Ten Pin Trio, Disciples of Lemmy). The F.T.W. carry the torch for fans of high octane metal and balls-to-the-wall rock and roll.

(*Band photo © JAMMI YORK)


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