I recently discovered Algiers, and I am completely fascinated. I'm not talking about the capital city of Algeria, rather the band that is presently garnering a lot of press. Originally formed in Atlanta, GA, their sound draws heavily on their Southern roots, melding the sounds of gospel, punk and protest music. Their message calls loudly to social injustice and reform.

Upon first listen I instantly connected, feeling the old sounds of home. I grew up in a southern town rich in musical heritage, fostering spirituals, blues, country, gospel and rock. These resonate loudly in the songs of Algiers. Their use of manmade percussion - stomps, claps, foot taps, etc. - is especially reflective of early southern music and the call for change. Algiers have taken this up a notch and have created a modern reformation that speaks to many injustices and spans cultural divisions.

Their self-titled release dropped last week on Matador, and so far it's got my vote for best album this year. Check out a few of their new tracks below, and visit their website, which is a beautifully curated page of influences and inspiration. If you're in the NYC area tonight, they play an early show (8pm) at Mercury Lounge.



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