There is no shortage of stories around the oddball occurrences of Alice Cooper and his many famed snakes. While most did not belong to Cooper directly, many have joined him onstage for long runs, often spanning several years. Of all of the antics that occur on tour, Alice's seem more often than not to involve the reptiles and not the band members.

There is the famed L.A. House of Blues show where Alice's sidekick decided to defecate all over the stage. Repeatedly. While the amused audience thought it was part of the show, the band were not reveling in their joy. Needless to say, the snake friend was retired after that gig.

Another story centers around a show in Knoxville and country singer Charley Pride. According to Cooper, he returned from that night's performance and put boa Julius Squeezer in the bathtub for the evening. Upon waking the next morning, he discovered not only a missing snake, but also a missing toilet lid, as the hotel was newly constructed and still finalizing amenities. The snake had apparently gotten lost within the hotel's plumbing. The band skipped town sans snake, continuing on to the next gig. Two weeks later, Charley Pride checks into the (then) Hyatt Regency, only to discover the missing reptile. I don't even want to know how the discovery was made, though I'm sure it's a tour Mr. Pride would never forget.

Though numerous anecdotes abound, Cooper's snake antics seem to have dissipated in recent years. His stage partners are now relegated to local rentals from reputable handlers or sanctuaries and are returned to their homes following tour. Perhaps it's time for a new stage oddity.



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